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Beautiful Beautiful Rosario

Where all the girls are hot hot hot!

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We arrived in Rosario in late at night armed with only our backpacks and an address. We struggled to get directions because of our lack of the local lingo and the fact that some streets would come to an end and then start again somewhere else completely.

We finally arrived in the Cool Raul hostel knackered but we had saved about 70c on taxi fares. The Cool Raul hostel is basically the opposite of a Hostel International... aka it’s brilliant! Breakfast was served all day (although it was just dulce de leche caramel and bread) and checkout was at 2pm. The owner Omar, told us that the place is so laid back that they didn't have a checkout before. But recently they had to get one because of people arriving at all hours trying to check in... like us!





We hit the town straight away, but we were wrecked from the traveling and we really weren't feeling it. We went to the nearest bar to have a couple of cocktails and randomly found Dave and Adam, our friends from Buenos Aires. After getting all liquored up we when to a night club. Dave and Adam tried to spice things up by getting us to go mental for no reason what-so-ever in the club. Adam said we should all jump up on 3 and just start celebrating, but little did we know that Adam was going to count a little differently. We all got ready to jump after 3 until Adam's musical influence kicked in and he shouted "1...2...ah 1, 2, 3". And somehow this just made Derek get sick. By the end of the night, we were well on our way and the fun started. After chatting to the whole night club, we had been invited to 2 dinners and offered a lift to the next late night bar.



We piled into an old Peugeot 405, two in the front and about six or seven in back, and the Latin music started blaring. Tilly was hanging out one window and Conor out the other with various people popping out the sun roof. I'm pretty sure the driver even popped his head out the sun roof... by the way, I doubt he was in the least bit sober, but "when in Rome..."

When we finally got to this Latin music bar Conor found himself infatuated with this fat Argentinean guy. The night ended with this small bull dog of a man swinging Conor around the bar like a yoyo as Conor tried to kiss his bald stumpy head.





We managed to get up at a reasonable time the next day and do some touristy stuff. We followed the Lonely Planet like a bible only to find out the main attraction, the Natural History Museum, had been burnt down last year! As we headed down town we did get to see some live salsa dancing and the massive monument where the Argentinean flag was first raised after their independence from Spain. We then enjoyed some alfresco cocktails before heading to McDonalds, where Conor ruined the place.

We ordered four large meals and as I went to find a place for us to sit, Conor grabbed the tray with four large cokes and what ever move he made, he somehow dropped the tray as he turned around. Four litres of coke splashed to the ground soaking Conor in the process. Needless to say, we were in stitches watching as Conor just stood there flabbergasted. Half of the restaurant was flooded with coke with the employees struggling to find a way to clean up the lake of coke. In fairness to Conor, he did manage to get another 4 cokes free of charge but they were carried to the table one by one.

After yet another fantastic steak dinner at a local restaurant, the Hostel owner Omar wanted to take us out for a real night out in Rosario. This seemed to be his thing, he did this every night we were there and he seemed to be the most popular guy in the city. Every club he took us to was brilliant... full of the most beautiful women in the world, who could speak English and loved the Irish... well... as long as we weren't English or American they’d be happy. The Falkland Islands still seems to be a bit of a sensitive issue and the Americans are not liked anywhere in South America.





Omar would also photocopy everyone’s passport because they would have to bring them out and even photoshop them when we were going to night clubs that were over 25s. Although, when we got to the over 25 club, it was hard to find a girl who was actually over 25. Adam ended up in the night clubs swimming pool by the end of the night... yea that’s right, the night club had a frickin' swimming pool in it!

During our days we found our way to Che Guevare's first home. The building isn’t open to the public as it is still just a residential building, but we managed to sneak in as somebody who lived in the building let us in. We went up the fancy elevator to his front door. It was really exciting playing in the lift and sneaking in but it wasn't not really interesting, I mean, it’s just a door really.

We visited a memorial dedicated to Che and learnt a bit more about the man, which got us thinking. This happened around the time Bertie was stepping down and the Irish economy was beginning to turn for the worst... so... what if... Ireland had a South American style military coup with Willy O'Dea as our dictator. But alas, Willy didn't have the balls to send the Irish army in to raid the Dail.







Once again, we found that the Argentineans refused to put their hands in the air when dancing. So if we got lost we'd find each other by simply putting our hands in the air like we just don't care. Most of the night clubs would also have a couple of different areas playing different kind of music. Now, I don't know if I mentioned this before but there is more 80s music in South America than there was in the 80s and we were always to be found dancing on the ceiling with Lionel Richie. Earlier we had decided to book our sky dive for the next day. Unfortunately we would have to get up at 8am to go sky diving. Omar was once again taking us out, so he promised us he'd wake us up the next mourning for the sky dive or he'd pay the deposit for us.



So, that night Omar took us out on a drinking dancing whirlwind tour of the hottest spots of Rosario, but this time his girlfriend appeared to be someone else! He relieved to us that he has a couple of girlfriends who know that he doesn't want to commit to anything and they know about each other but they are cool about it... the man is a god, did I mention that his girlfriends were beautiful, each one hotter than the last... I'm talking Jasmine for Aladdin hot! Derek fell in love with his "number 1" girl who also seemed to have a soft spot for our Derek too. Although it was Omar who brought her home that night, it was Derek who took home her hat... and a lifetime worth of memories. We stumbled out of the club and hit another "after club…club" which didn't close until about 6am... which was a bit early compared to the other nights out in Rosario but we did have an early start in the morning. The lads arrived back in hostel full of divilment and after Conor and Derek had a little wrestle they fell asleep at about 7.00am. Jack hit the hay once he came in the door and Tilly finally ran out of steam at 7.30am after trying everyone in the world. Now Omar had earlier promised to wake us up for our sky dive at 8am and his eye lids were getting very heavy as he sat slowly nodding to sleep beside Ian's unconscious corpse...

Would Omar wake us up in time? Would the lads miss their sky dive? Would Derek ruin his friendship with Omar and try one of his "women"? Would Tilly stop farting? Would Omar have to pay the lads deposit on the sky dive?

Find out next time on Tilly, Conor, Derek & Jacks World Tour!


“¿Hablo espanyol?” a local Argentinean guy…“No hablo espanyol, but I f#%k like a horse” – Ian’s response after learning this saying from Jorge… he wasn’t meant to say it to a guy.

“So you can check-in downstairs in a while” Omar showing us around the hostel… and about 10 minutes later, Conor asks… “So what did you say about chicken?”

“I’m getting… I’m getting… drunk!” – Tilly after tasting every new bottle of wine we bought.

“If I chat up guys they wont score me” – Another classic quote from Conor.

“Tá bhuil turn a blind eye” – Jack struggling to speak Irish so other people wouldn’t know what he was saying… they knew exactly what he was saying.

“Missing and presumed sexy” – Derek’s status report on Tilly’s whereabouts.

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Back to Buenos Aires

its addictive!

sunny 23 °C
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We arrived back in Buenos Aires just in time for one of the biggest football matches in the world, Boca Juniors v River Plate. We strolled up to the stadium hours before kick off and the atmosphere on the streets was already electric. This energy peaked as the Boca team passed us in a bus with the football fans so enthusiastic it was difficult to tell if they were trying to praise their team or destroy the bus.



As we made our way to our seats on the top tier we could feel the whole stand shake. The passionate fans below us had more interest in taunting the visiting supporters than the actual match they had paid to see. And the River Plate fans were no better as Derek learnt when he was showered in piss after joining the Boca firm in the lower tiers.


That night we indulged ourselves by going to the best restaurant in all of Buenos Aires, La Caberra. As we were expecting we could not get a reservation to save our lives so we chanced our arm and took some local advice and went to see if a table would come available. Our 2 hour wait was not as bad as it sounded as we were treated to a selection of wines and samples of some of the dishes.


The meal itself was nothing short of spectacular if not just for the size of the steaks. These perfect pieces of prime fillet beef were as big as your head and twice as bloody. The sides, if you managed to eat any, were also plentiful and delicious but were totally over showed by the mammoth amounts of meat. Add a couple of bottles of Argentina’s finest Malbec and a ridiculously cheap bill and it truly was culinary heaven.


That night Jack once again performed on stage at the hostel. This ended with an all-night guitar session with every musician in the hostel gathering around the couch at the end of the night for a goof old fashioned sing song. The also marked the first South American performance of the Atomic Kitten medley. Will, Derek, Rachel and Jack then discussed who had the best pores, I think Rachel won. Andrea wasn't present, nom' sayin'. The next several hours were spent arguing over Peter Crouches first touch after which it was decided that Dave Blainey knows f-all about football.




We went to Evita's grave the next day and found about 4 Irish graves too. The place was covered with cats and Spiderman made the odd appearance. That night was the pajama party in the Millhouse hostel and after falling to find Hugh Heffner style clothing the lads honoured the pink vest by sporting every piece of pink night wear in BA. Thankfully we weren't the only ejits dressed in nighties (thank you Will and Miles, they are soooo english) but we were by far the most flamboyant.


After all the beer in the hostel bar was polished off the lads began necking the Asti sparkling wine... "wot wot wot wot". The crowd then pilled across to the gay night club which seemed like a good idea at the time. The club played nothing but 80's music and before long most of the gay crowd was overshadowed by numerous backpackers scoring each other repeatedly.


Derek even scored a girl who was 6'2 just because she was so tall... needless to say she was sitting down at the time, he also managed to make an Argentinean girl cry, apparently she wasn't the one but unfortunately she thought Derek was.


We managed to get up at a reasonable time and headed to the Zoo with about half the hostel with us. A lot of the animals at the Zoo seemed insane or drugged up to the eyes, but many of the smaller animals were given the run of the Zoo. Tilly went missing a couple of times but every time he did disappear Spiderman turned up to rescue us from danger and play on the swings.




Conor discovered a new talent, whenever he went to see some animals they'd start to piss, even Bobby needed a piss by the end of our visit to the Zoo. Needless to say, we were eventually asked to leave. Liam then molested a statue of the founder of the Zoo and we headed home.



It is difficult putting these stories together because in the crazy city of Buenos Aires these insane nights out all seem to roll into one. Anyway, we some how had managed to finally move out of the Millhouse hostel to another smaller, cosier hostel just down the road. Our last booze filled night featured the hand over of the Pink Vest from Derek to Liam. The ceremony was just beautiful, everyone in the hostel attended this star studded event. The hand over was done during a double motorboat thanks to Rachel and Hannah. Liam then made an emotional speech which had many of close to tears, especially Derek. Then we got hammered... very hammered!




We ended up in a little karaoke bar just beside our new hostel. Bobby, Rob and Conor had taken over the juke box but had yet to fend off every middle aged woman in the sleazy little hole. Bobby had managed to avoid the sultry come-ons by the locals by letting on that he was gay.


After Jack and Rachel joined the boys at the bar, Bobby was beginning to get annoyed by his newly found gay status but the only way to prove he was straight was to score the middle aged fat mess standing beside him and without a seconds thought, that’s exactly what he did. As the sun began to rise we grabbed the guitars and headed to the roof of our hostel and jammed until we started to hear the rush hour traffic in the streets below.


The following day, after far too many goodbyes and a couple of tears from Hannah amongst others, we hit the road on a luxury bus to Rosario.


"Who singings that song?", "ehh... Cliff Richard", "Yea, let’s keep it that way" - After Tilly started singing Summer Holiday on our way to La Caberra

"Is that Elephant mental or does he have an ipod or something?" - The elephant was just standing still bobbing his head... for the duration of our visit

"Quinno has gotten a lot quitter these days". "No he hasn't! It’s just that he's 3000 miles away" - Tilly accidentally thinking that Quinno has matured a bit.

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