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Little Mendoza Video

Just a little video of the fun we had in Mendoza

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Just a little video of the fun we had in Mendoza...

The next proper blog will be published soon!

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Mendoza Part Deux

What has Tilly done???

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Derek arrived back at the hostel to hear a strange buzzing noise from the bathroom and he found a very surprised Ian looking like he had never done before.

Ian was standing there holding Conor's hair clippers after fashioning himself a mohawk. Earlier that night at dinner, Ian had mentioned that if he managed to score he would give himself a mohawk hair cut. And after "shtalling" the head off someone and without an ounce of encouragement he had himself a brand new, very distinct haircut. A very relieved Derek was now crying with laughter.

Jack and Conor arrived back to our hostel a little later than the other lads, yet still full of skulduggery. And after very little encouragement Conor was approaching Derek with his clothes nowhere to be seen. Eventually everyone in the room was treated to Conor's late night impression of a helicopter... and there was a no nonsense German guy staying our room, known as Herman the German. Most of the photographic evidence of this night was deemed inappropriate for the blog, so I've only uploaded a few of them, viewer discretsion is advised.

Just before Tilly remembered what he had done

Tilly's brand new hairstyle

Conor annoying a sleeping Derek

Conor's helicopter impression

The next morning we were very hungover and starving. Sure we'd probably have to stroll downtown, find a restaurant, decypher a spannish menu and wait ages for food. Not in amazing Mendoza my friend! We simply asked our friendly receptionist to phone in our order to McDonalds and they would deliver the food to our hostel! 5 Big Mac meals and about 40 chicken nuggets arrived moments later. In terms of journey highlights, this was definitely up there with Iguaçu Falls and Skydiving.

After we devouring the arsenal of fast food we had ordered, our guide Enrique arrived to take us horse riding in the Andes. We jumped into his old Cadillac style car and headed about an hour out of the city. The dusty roads, deserted wooden houses and tumble weed were straight out of a western movie. It felt like we arriving in one of Robb Kiersey's sunday night movie picks. We donned our cowboy hats and jumped on our horses but amongst the Gauchos we just looked like typical city slickers... although none of the hats would fit on Jack's head because his hair was getting longer and bigger by the day. We set off with Enrique who was hardly a year older than us yet he owned acres of land, a stable of horses and cornered a nice little niche market bringing backpackers around the Andes. After an hour of trotting through some stunning scenery we stopped by a little river and enjoyed some food and wine. Enrique didn't bring any water, just wine, a typical argie attitude. If we wanted water we'd have to drink from the river, but why have water when you can have wine? The lads were wearing their hurling jerseys that day and a photo of the lads riding along on the horses ended up on RTE.ie after Waterford and Kilkenny qualified for the All-Ireland final.

Enrique then let us gallop off down the dried river bed and horses were only happy to oblige. A gaucho (the South American version of a cowboy) holds the reins with only one hand and leaves the other hand free so he can shoot, lasso or punch his way through the mountains and that’s exactly what we did. Needless to say once the horses took off we were doing are best just to stay them as they galloped away delighted with their temporary freedom. Derek slid down the side of his horse but managed to hold on as the rest of us were bounced around a dried river bed shouting "WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!"

We eventually returned back to Enrique's ranch for a barbeque dinner and we were joined at the table by his wine drinking horses. The horses lapped up glasses of wine as we munched into an endless supply of prime Argentinean beef. After eating ourselves into exhaustion we sat back and enjoyed the beautiful scenery as a little labrador puppy literally tried to eat a little kitten. As vulgar as this sounds it was the cutest thing we'd ever seen.

Derek and the cutest puppy ever

The photo that appeared on RTE.ie

Eating lunch in the Andes

An absolutely awesome nap

Dave and the lads

The amazing wine drinking horse

A few more bottles of plonk for the boys

Ah would look at them

The kitten before she was eaten by the dog

We headed out again that night and Dave told us about the cheeky six months he spent in Greece. From that point on whenever we had the opportunity to treat ourselves, like indulging on an expensive bottle of wine or a fancy cocktail, we'd say "sure we might just have a cheeky one". We met up with Priya again, our friend from Buenos Aires, and after Jack fixed her Mac we went to Iskra nightclub again. The lads were drinking more vodka and red bull until Tilly came up with a genius idea. On his next order he simply added "con ananas" and before he could believe his pineapple loving eyes, Tilly was strolling back to us full of smiles and a big huge ring of pineapple hanging off the side of his glass.

We met a couple of local girls that evening that all seemed to be called Paula. We found out later that they had changed their names incase we knew their boyfriends... as if we'd know anyone in Mendoza! Jack, Ian and Dave were by the wall, in a row, scoring the girls when their stroppy friend came over and yanked each of the girls away from the lads. So the boys were just left there scoring the thin air as the moody young one gave out hell to her friends... that exact scenario happened quite a few times that night. Conor was busy outside talking to a group of argies who wanted Conor to meet their gay friend. When we went outside we found Conor on his knees trying to convince his new friends that he was straight. To this day we have no idea why had to get on his knees. Priya was busy inside talking to the girls practicing her Spanish skills. They all seemed to be having a great time, she was getting along with them, very well. We got back to our hostel twisted in the not so early hours of the next morning. Only Dave had managed to bring his girl back and therefore got to use the doggy little room and was only the size of one bed, and only had a bed in it. You'd think Dave was delighted about this but he spent the next day cursing himself for not chatting up her hotter friend and he was really beat up about it too.

Conor is a dragon, rrroooaaarrr!

Dave and the 18 year olds

All of Ian's dreams just came true

Derek confusioned overs Ian's new haircut

Sharing special moments with friends

They don't have Euronews in Argentina, its totally old school

The next day we went for a nap in one of Mendoza’s many plazas before going for lunch. We treated ourselves to yet more steak and a few bottles of Santa Julia Malbec. And after a few glasses we had the great idea to order a bottle of wine for two beautiful Argentinean girls at the next table. Apparently the type of bottle you buy a girl says a lot about what you think of them and they weren't impressed by the distinctly average bottle of plonk we had sent to their table. But it was enough to get them chatting to us and even though they were quite stuck up they did find our humour slightly amusing. We had also been joined at the table by this dickhead American who convinced us to change our plans and go to Cordoba rather than Salta. In our salubrious state we thought that the American was talking sense. After about 4 hours we finally finished our lunch and went for dinner. We hit our usual spot and Dave was determined to make our bill over 1,000 pesos but alas we were about 60pesos short but the bill was the length of your arm. We managed to drink so much that the American just collapsed in the restaurant and we ditched him like a hot potato.

The longest liquid lunch ever

We stupidly concluded that a trip to Cordoba that we didn't have time for was a good idea

The bill that nearly broke a grand

The next day we met up with Bobby, Rob and Matt (more friends we had made in Buenos Aires) and headed to the park to have an Ireland Vs England football match. Tash and Martha came along to watch Ireland come from behind and beat the English again. Derek gave Tash a quick motorboat and the match was underway. Dave seemed to have scored a screamer from the half way line but it was unfortunately disallowed. Although this didn't matter in the end as the Irish team’s second half performance left the English 2 goals behind when the final whistle was blown. Conor's ability to distributed the ball and control the game was unfortunately overshadowed as he tried his best to give the English a fighting chance by scoring a hat-trick of own goals. The highlight being a belter from the edge of the box that left the Irish keeper with no chance. Derek's silky skills left the English defense is a daze for the whole afternoon, Jack headed everything in a Niall Quinn fashion while Tilly was obviously on fire as he knew there were girls watching the match. The match ended 8-6 to the boys in green and the English were inconsolable. The British media pointed the finger at Bobby Mayamey's lackluster performance and McCarthy's cheeky second half goal when the English "weren't ready"... but to be honest, they were never ready.

We then headed into town in search of a copy of "Point Break con Keanu Reeves y Patrick Swayze". No stores in Mendoza seemed to have it until an helpful clerk at a department store gave us a tip. There was a specialist DVD shop a couple of blocks from our hostel. When we got there it was closed for lunch, so we went next door to a petrol station which had a bar in the forecourt (typical South America, they really love drinking in petrol stations for some reason). After treating ourselves we tentatively went to the DVD store only to be told that they didn't have the film, even though they had a whole section dedicated to Keanu Reeves!!!

With that we knew our time in Mendoza was at an end. It was time to board the bus to Cordoba in search of Point Break!


"¿Quiero un Red Bull y vodka... con ananas?” - Tilly’s chances his arm

“I don’t want to be responsible for setting another horse on fire” – Tilly while trotting through the andes on his horse.

“Bolivia is not having a civil war but it could get interesting” – Advice given to us as we headed north.

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