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"We're going to Florianopolis dede dede dodo"

...back to the island dede dede dodo (via Sao Paulo)

overcast 26 °C

Oi! ("hey" in portuguese)

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We set off from Guarapari on a leito bus (luxury) after our final couple of drinks with Derek's uncle. Our next destination was the 3rd biggest city in the world Sao Paulo. There were a lot of men just sitting around in Sao Paulo, on street curbs, little walls, church steps... they are just mad for a good old sit. We explored Japan town and saw some guys haggling with hookers in the street, this was at about midday by the way. We got some food as we watched some Brazilian builders stand around a hole in the street doing nothing for about an hour, just like at home. Then we joined the lads on the church steps for a wee sit, apart from the smell piss it was actually quite nice.


We got another over night bus to Florianopolis, a beautiful bridged island full of travellers, surfers and the alike. BTW we even got to see a "Robbs Sunday Night Movie" on the bus, it was some western, long and drawn out. We met some ozzie guys there, one of which, Luke, put a local kid in a freezer. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but in retrospect it wasn´t (the kid was asking for it). Another of the guys, Rob, had a torch that could tell the time, wow. The final member of the ozzie trio was John, who got sick all over our taxi during that night out. We met this Sligo guy called mick who should us photos of his slightly more hardcore visit to the favellas. He had pics of himself at one of the gangs execution points holding an assortment of semi automatic machine guns.


We got another game of footy going on the beach with a couple of guys who used to come to Ireland to teach in the samba football schools. They also helped us play volleyball with a couple of Brazilian girls, there was a lot of flirty fun and frolicking.


We met a guy called Jacko in the hostel. He was from London, supported Ipswich and lived in San Francisco... he was a legend and he's probably our favourite person so far. He was also pretty handy at the old football and was a master of shitty card games while drinking. He is definitely the best person we've met so far... he´s even too cool for facebook! (or maybe too old). He had great stories about bananas in Amsterdam, the price of abortions in Brazil and Ipswich Town footballing legends! and he wasn't in the least bit smug about it.


Tilly drank the most in the hostel the next night, so he was rewarded with a few free Caprinhas, so he drank himself stupid and fell asleep in the common room. Needless to say, when he woke up we was covered in marker, 3 day lipstick and had all his nails painted (hands & toes). The English lads wrote loads of anti-Liverpool stuff on his arms, like "I love David Moyes"... but Tilly kinda likes Moyes, so he didn't mind.


Derek is now seriously concerned about where we'll watch the Eurovision. It was kinda raining today so Conor watched 7 movies in the hostel, 2 of which were Die Hard 4. We did a spot of sand-boarding which was very exhausting as there are no lifts in the sand dunes, but Tilly definitely thinks there a market for this in Tramore. We watched Walking Tall (starring The Rock) it was awful, but surprisingly based on a true story. Tilly and Jack went surfing again and totally forgot that Tilly was covered in lipstick & marker... its kinda hard to imagine him without it now.

"These hats are class!" - Tilly upon finding his free pillow on the bus and putting it straight on his head

"This will be the Mount Everest of hacks" - Tom Cruise

"Ian you are a funny" - Marcello commenting on Tilly's over the top volleyball attempts

"She stands on my nose, makes me think of my clothes" - Jack getting the lyrics to Colbie Caillat song very wrong

"I'd be quite interested in history" - Conor surprises us in Sao Paulo

"Who owns those knickers you're wearing?" - Jack, finding drunk Tilly wondering around with a pair of girls knickers over his pants. Tilly's reply "They're communal knickers"

"I'm not sleazy, I just like chatting to a lot of girls" - Conor tippin' away in the hostel

Awesome bicycle kick count (competitive action only):
Conor - 1
Derek - 0
Jack - 2
Ian - 3

Will Young System

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Stick a fork in Rio - tiz done

Heading North to Guarapari - Tippin´ away all day

sunny 34 °C
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Hey Eve-rybody,

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We have finally left Rio after 7 days, couldn't leave the place its class, or as the brazillians say, its class! Conors reversey birthday meant a spot of hangliding over Rio with Sam, followed by some futvolei, where the "conor magee experience featuring jack" beat the brazillian kids, yes they were kids but they beat their brains out. Tilly killed a $110 dollar volleyball because it was looking at derek funny! the bus that it landed under seemed to think so too!


We had two visits to the maracana stadium, the biggest in the world. Firstly we took the bus down to a match in the Copa Libertadores (SA Champions league) between Fluminese (our new team) and Libertadas from Paraguay. The atmosphere was shit hot and the fans were LOCO !!! Beers were 50p and our outfits at the end of the game had changed from conservative neutral colours to Fluminese sleveless t-shirts. Next day we went back with our tour guide Tony to do the tour of the stadium, where we had some lift fun and saw the queens and the popes chairs.


"At the Copa, Copacabana, the hottest spot North of Havana" - it was crap! real sleazy, we were offered handbags followed by cocaine as we turned the corner. So us gringos(tourists) just headed back to our home of Ipanema. Spent that night hanging out with a Charity Dingle lookalike and her mate Zoe, ended up in emporium again, the coppers of Rio.


Our third attempt at being on time for the favella (the lower roselawn of rio) tour worked a treat. We took motorbikes up to the top of the favella, which was top notch, then strolled through the slums, stopping halfway down for some hang blaa's. Jack met his first born in a day care centre (he later met his second born outside a bank) i.e. they had really curly hair.


There were Ballygunner and Superfriends supporters everywhere, jack even had the kids singing for the Superfriends. The kids were laughing at tillys jersey because waterford are never gonna win the championship. We also did our bit for charity with the kids up there, but we dont like to talk about it.


Our mingling ability in the hostel was increasing all the time, talking to austalians about pugwall. We taught the english lads (Ed and Andy) how to use the word horse in a waterfordish fashion, by swapping every noun and verb with horse... aka. Well horse, horse over that horse to me horse. Ed then pushed Tilly in the pool to everyones amusement, he might be a distant relative of quinno.


Tilly is now a bird expert after spotting after spotting that the birds around the beaches have a split tail like those in the sparrow family. Conor is in love for the 4th time. We played groin curbs again, similar to traditional curbs except its in a pool and you sit straddling the curb for the extra element of danger.


We played drinking games with the Ozzie boys and added a couple of irish rules and went to the street party area called Lapa, where everyone is drinking and smoking at the petrol stations. We then hit a Samba club and Conor tried some of his new moves. On the way home we got one of these taxi/van things which you share with other people and scream your destination out the window to get more people... it was awesome!


We have also started to use "Obrigado" (meaning thank you) for eveything, Conor accidently hit a girl with the ball yesterday and then thanked her. We met a girl with an english accent from Denmark with the worst phone ever made, Anna. We also met a real life lesbian. The next night Conor was trying to teach Amanda, a professional dancer, how to Samba. Tilly ran in to the other Emma from Bray again (not emma nelson). A guy called Raz from Oz has the same sleeping problems as Conor.


We hiked up the first stage of Suger Loaf through the jungle which took 2 attempts, the first attempt was a bit like Lost. The cable car helped us up the second stage and we accidently ran into a Bar Mitzvah. After another drinking session at a petrol station we went to a Favela Funk party. The drink was only 66c a can and although it was meant to be hard knocks we had a great time, tops off and everything.


Derek learnt a disturbing handshake from his new brazilian friends and somehow we all managed to find the bus home. Probably the best night so far. The next morning we had a little pool party with the swedes before getting a couple of massages. We then decided that we weren´t going to leave Rio until we managed 20 headers in a row in the pool.


We got to Willy´s (Dereks uncle) after a 9 hour bus ride and since then we haven´t stopped tippin away at the beer since. After being burnt to a crisp at thier local beautiful beach his father-in-law Orlando treated us to a screening of the Liverpool Vs Arsenal match. Derek took his first steps towards leaning how to swim by... learning how to float.


"Ah lads she's stuck to me!" - Tilly after having a girl in a headlock for 20 minutes like a spider monkey

"For me ghosts are more of a sign of the afterlife then what the pope says" Conor on his beliefs

"we went to Christ the Reindeer" - Jack put his foot in his month again

"Whats your favourite disease?" - Ludvic, Sweden

"You can't throw me in the pool unless you have a tumble dryer" - Anna
Conor´s reply - "I´ve a tumble dryer, IN MY PANTS"

"Remember when I headed the ball like this?" - Jack
"eh, yes, it happened 7 seconds ago" - Tilly, roughly seven seconds later

"Only brazillians die of dengue, I´ll just go to a hospital" - Ludvic, Sweden

Awesome bicycle kick count (competitive action only):
Conor - 0
Derek - 0
Jack - 1
Ian - 1

Will Young System

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