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Massive Waterfalls in Argentina!

Igazu & our last days in Flori

sunny 24 °C

Conor has now ditched the lads twice because of a girl... we are not surprised, but we are happy for him :D After the attack Conor arrived home a few hours later and chatted to Derek. He spent 2 minutes listening to Derek about the attack and spent the following 15 minutes talking about a girl he had met.


We stayed in for a quiet night to save on money... 3 hours later we were doing the limbo naked with cards stuck to our foreheads for no reason. Then we had a silent disco, which wasn't very silent at all. Derek then went to get sick on purpose, so he could drink more??!!


Derek has a little "man crush" on Junior, the young guy who owns the hostel. The dutch girls are now using the slang term "well horse" correctly. The next day we got wiped out in Prayia de Mole by the huge rough waves. So we made beautiful women out of the sand instead and people thought we were professionals & took photos!


When we were walking on the beach Derek saw a girl soooo hot that he had to sit down to admire her, much to the amusement of the locals. Jack, Derek & Vicky got free drinks after saving the hostel from the knifeman.


We met these 2 english girls (Leigh & Kate) who thought Van Morrison was american and black! Not only did we have to convince them that he was irish & white but they also found it hard to believe that Rihanna's mother is originally from Longford!


We missed the safety meeting at the hostel, sure it couldn't happen to us twice! Conor & Til went fishing and broke the hostel's fishing rod in hilarious fashion... a boat nearly dragged Conor out to sea. We went to a turtle sanctuary and fell asleep during the video section. Derek got a cold and spent the whole day sleeping. Louke & Conor had a lot of fun at the beach... wooooo!


Killer Fact Time:
Ronaldinho's PR company will not let him get his teeth fixed until the end of his career as his messed up teeth are apart of his image.


The English boys & girls had a great night with us discussing the micropenis condition. Then we saw Hunty playing darts on Brazilian TV and the Swedes all have Bjorn Borg underwear. We organised a togo party in the hostel but left the day it was on because we were sick of the rain.

Pete has an awesome pink vest which he lost to Guy in drunken bidding war. But the pink vest has much bigger plans afoot as Derek has it now... check www.MyPinkVest.com for more details. Jack won 2 world cups on the beach and the day before he scored a hat-rick against a brazilian/argentinian team with some awesome headers and a toe poke. Unfortunately this is Jack's peak and its now all down hill from here. Critics may say Superfriends sold him a season too early, but McCarthy hasn't ruled out a return to the champions.

Theres this fat kid, Giovanni, who is pissing us off everytime we play beach football. He's a bit like Arnold from Dalcassian Downs but way more annoying.

The English lads gave us footballer names...

Derek - David Healy
Til - Rory Delap
Jack - Owen Hargreaves (or Giles Grimandi)
Conor - Chris Kamara

We took over the music in the hostel with our iPods and played 3 lions. The english lads were shocked to see that we knew all the lyrics and argued over which was better, the 96 version or the 98 version. Natalie joined our group as we travelled to Igazu, althought she didn't treat herself to the luxury option unlike the lads... we are flashpackers! Natalie used her spanish skills to help Jack & Derek get into Argentina, it was looking dodgy until he found out we were from Ireland.


We got to the huge hostel in Argentina, its like a Club Med resort... amazing! We also ran into everyone there. We checked in wearing the irish cricket jerseys again and later that day when Jeanne checked in, she was told by the receptionist that the Irish cricket team were staying here. For some reason we have have to check out and back in everyday in this hostel... no wonder Argentina's economy is awful!

Til & Derek had a little run in with a strange guy from the hostel who threatened them with a bottle after annoying everyone in the hostel that night. Jack slept through the whole inncident as Til spoke irish to him and then pretended to be from Oz to wind him up even more. Needless to say we had the last laugh when he was kicked out the next day.


We met Jeanne who knows Simon (Conor's Brother) and she has joined our little group now. The hostel laid on an All You Can Eat BBQ and had a Samba show afterwards. Alex the scottish guy stood up with his shoes off waiting to be asked up by the dancers. The dancers finally asked him to dance and like a kid at christmas he jumped at the opportunity and smiled from ear to ear. Shortly after, his drinking partner had a major dose of projectile vommit... free caprinihas will do that to you.


The next day Conor's tummy rumbled during the liverpool chelsea game and he legged it to the toilet only to find that someone had covered the door handle in pooh! We are going to blame the drunken ozzie douche bag for that. Anna learnt about the book and she is now reading it as I type.

We went Go Karting with the english guys. Conor was Eddie Irvine, Til was Barracello, Derek was Fissicello and Jack bagsied Jos Vershtappen. Jack was forced to start from the pit lane after breaking the rules in qualifying but overall we beat the english guys with Jack winning the race and Conor taking 3rd. Til had a big crash and was forced into the spare car which unfortunately was setup for Conor. Dereks argressive driving style cost him a place in the points. After the race we had to push start the van home.


The next morning we headed to the waterfalls on the Argentinian side (the Brazilian side was a bit of a let down the previous day). We got a massive speed boat to drive us straight at the waterfalls. The driver got to the edge or the waterfall and then gunned it, straight at the waterfall. The power of the waterfall stops you from going under it and it just pushes the boat back after everyone gets soaked.

We had the offical hand over of the Pink Vest at the falls today after seeing aligators, turtles, water snakes, huge spiders, millions of butterflies and sharkadiles (a shark/crocodile). The swedish girls (Lovisa & Hanna) coined a new phrase "Double the Good" which means something is soooo good that is probably bad.


We sang all night at the hostel and even found a french guy to sing the awesome french national athem for us. Needless to say there was a lot of boy band songs and a great version of Aladins "A Whole New World". Claire does an amazing "Weeelllll" from the beginning of "Shout" by Lulu.

Pesos are worth nothing and everthing is way cheaper in Argentina. Pete is a walkin talkin XE.com so we never ahve to think when splashing the cash. We watched "Game Plan" on the bus to Buenos Aires which had yet another awesome performance by The Rock (who likes to be known as Dwayne Johnson these days).

"I think I´ll go over and sniff your ones bed" - one of the lads after noticing the hot one in the hostel had gone.

"I didn't keep any mash because you told me you were putting boobs in this" - Til & Jack having a strange conversation on the bus to Buenos Aires.

"Its great being out in the SUNSHINE!" - Jack's Liam Gallagher impression to Tim from Manchester.

"I've always wondered what Tim's arsehole is like" - Pete commenting on wether he'd sleep with Tim or Rob, if he had to.

"Is that Phil Babb or Babel?" - Til during the Liverpool Chelsea game

"I didn't want to like someone this much" - Conor, awwww

"It's like that film 'Play It Forth', except its nothing like it" - Conor adds his expert opinion to the conversation.

"Tilly is ripped" - Natalie the Ozzie after seeing Til with his top off.

"Scotty is ripped" - Til after seeing Scotty with is top off.

"Souness's greatest move was buying Scott Minto while managing Benfica" - Pete

"So, what was written on your face this time?" - Jack after seeing that Tilly had once again awoken with marker all over his face.

"Would you like me to be inside you" - said to "someone"

Awesome bicycle kick count (competitive action only):
Conor - 1
Derek - 0
Jack - 2
Ian - 4*

  • Jack had an free header into an open goal and Ian jumped in front of him to bicycle kick it and hit the post

Will Young System

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NEWS FLASH: Knife Attack!!!

Jack & Dereks brush with Death

sunny 21 °C

It started out as a fun night out with friends in one of the most beautiful places on earth...

Drinks over looking the sandy beach...
A live band entertaining the crowd...
Dancing the night away...

But Jack, Derek & Vicky were about to experience a horrifying attack!

The taxi they were in had just pulled up to the the pedestrian bridge which linked the hostel to the sleepy town of Barra Lagoa. But as Jack, Derek & Vicky crossed over, little did they know that a masked assailant was plotting his attack. The threesome made it over the bridge and were starting the hike up the small narrow lane to the hostel when they heard all almighty roar from behind them.

Running towards them was a local masked Brazilian holding a 12 inch knife. He shouted at the stunned travellers who had not a word of Portuguese between them, but they knew exactly what he wanted and what he was willing to do to get it.

Derek tryed to call his bluff and told him to F-off but a quick lunge by the attacker put Derek in his place. Vicky then started to drop her money as she handed it over which bought her a couple of yards while backing off towards the hostel door. Jack handed over his measly R$2 (60c) to know amusement, but it was all he had after the nights drinking. After collecting nearly R$60 the knife man was still not satisfied and now had the 3 backpackers cornered by the locked hostel door. With the night porter fast asleep Jack negotiated with the attacker in pigeon Portuguese. His only bargaining chip was the possibility of more money once we got in to the hostel or the stray dogs that were at his feet.... needless to say the dogs did not interest the mugger.

Finally the door was buzzed open so that Vicky & Derek could enter the hostel, but by some turn of strange events Jack had entered a Michael Jackson "Beat it" style knife fight. The strung out mugger held his knife in one hand and had Jack's hand in the other, while Jacks other hand gripped the mental bars of the hostel gate.

We had entered a good old fashioned stand off with Derek just inside the hostel and Jack at the door avoiding the swinging knife of the attacker. Derek shouted in to the sleeping hostel "a little help here please" to no avail. By this point Jack & Derek knew that justice had to be taken in to their own hands. Jack had calmed the situation down as the attacker thought that money was on its way. Then by a simple nod of heads and the utterance of "ag rith" the courageous duo knew exactly what they'd do.

Jack waited for the mugger to lose his patience and make another swipe at him. Then, with his left hand on the bars of the bar he jumped back and swung the metal door at the attacker. The door bashed off the attackers arm and with Vicky safely upstairs the lads ran to the door of their room. They watched as the scumbag slowly entered the lobby. Fearing that Vicky might still not be in her room yet Jack & Derek got the attackers attention. Without a seconds thought, the drugged up local ran at the lads again with the big blunt knife flailing in the air. The lads jumped inside their dorm, waking everyone up in the process. The other travellers thought the lads were joking but soon realised the awful truth as Jack struggled to keep the lock less door closed as the attacker smash against it relentlessly.

Then a deathly silence well upon the hostel. The banging had stopped, but no one knew if the danger had gone. Derek & Jack then slowly opened the door and peered around the lobby only to see other inquisitive residents wondering around. After a quick explanation all those who were awoken, started to search the hostel with weapons in hand in case the fecker was still inside.

Derek went to the balcony with the Ozzies to warn the rest of the arriving party goers who were crossing the bridge. Jack went to check on the other residents in the dorm who were still in shock. Thankfully, everyone else that arrived back to the hostel that night, did so safely and without incident.

From that day on Jack & Derek knew that Barra Lagoa would never be the same. Some say that people used to walk tall in this town, but not anymore... not any more.

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