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Uruguay... hehe U R Gay

a nice relaxing break from the madness of Buenos Aires

sunny 18 °C

In Urugauy, we enjoyed a couple of relaxed days doing nothing. We saw a sealion attack one of our Norwegian friends, Inge, and we had a couple of kick ass steaks. It was really nice to get away from the craziness of Buenos Aires for two days. We got a kick ass speed boat to Uruguay and watch a lot of Family Guy on Jack's PSP. We then went to withdraw some of the local currency and suddenly we were loaded!


We also got to see a fully complete Panini World Cup 1990 (featuring Bernie Slaven) sticker album and met a Michael Carrick look-a-like. We were in Punta Del Este but it was the off season so there wasn't much going on... execept for the sealions, but it looked nice and we finally recovered from our Buenos Aires hangovers. We did breifly enter one of the fancy casinos where Tilly managed to lose 3 days rent in 5 minutes while playing blackjack... but thats only about 40 quid in euros, ...oh there's a big hand in the sand there too.


The next day we went to Montevideo, where everything was closed, but we managed to find a massive steak market which had loads of live music... and of course huge steaks. We then went to the cinema to see some film with Pierce Brosnan in it... Butterfly or something, its rubbish. Pierce can't even do a n Irish accent!


The next day we got up ridicously early and got the seacat back to Buenos Aires for the Boca River derby (the biggest football match in south america) Derek spent all this time in bed in BA and Conor changed his relationship status in facebook while in northern Brazil with the lovely Louke.



(to the tune of in the navy)
Scandinavians, the go off for a pee,
Scandinavians, they get you a taxi.
Scandinavians, the all like Steve Gerrard,
Scandinavians, they call you a retard.

"You are a retard, HA HA HA HA HA" - Joey with a term of endearment in Danish

"How much money would I have to take out to be a millionaire?" ..."Ehhh, a million" - Tilly struggling to grasp his new found wealth in Uruguay

"Uruguay is so shit they don't even rob you properly" - Anna after Trina was nearly robbed.

"Conor has entered a relationship" - Facebook (status change on Conor Magee's profile)

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Buenos Aires Steak City !!!

Chow for now Mr. Magee

sunny 22 °C
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Three steaks in a day says it all really, steak at 1am in the morning just about beats chips from burger max after a night in coppers. BA has been all about drinking and eating, which is nice. Steve, Shearan and Killian were all in BA at the same time too which was just lovely. Jack had his first gig down under with some awesome tunes for the hostel when the paid musician was taking a siesta, a groingrabbingly great performance got the whole hostel going. Derek is the pool king with a 9 game streak. That night we went to find a club with Juliana & Sergio, aka the Brazilians. Little did we know that Juliana was kind of like Brazilian royalty!!! and Jack and Tilly finally learned how to Samba!


Conor has been a bit sick recently with his sinus kicking up but he's on the road to recovery. We got up really early to watch the champions league semi-final and Derek was his usual biased self (he called the ref a racist for booking Babel). We also met Sid from Channel 4's Skins...


Tilly strolled in to the hostel the next morning at 10.30am after spending the night at nightclubs, bars and even drinking in a supermarket. He thought this was an impressive achievement until several hours later Conor stumbled through the hostel door just in time to pass out on our bedroom floor before the kick off of Man United's second leg semi-final with Barcelona. The whole 100 and something residents were informed of this and were instructed to convince Conor that Barcelona had won 2-0.

This worked a treat and Conor was in a mood for the day as everyone rubbed in the fact that United were out. The next day, before the Liverpool games started, they showed highlights of the Man U game. Everyone in the hostel was watching Conors face as he realised that his beloved Man U had won 1-0 and hence qualified for the Champions League Final... it was reminiscent of Mick McCarthy's face as he watched Robbie Keane score against Germany in 2002.

Killer Fact Time:
Boca, Maradona's old club choose their teams colours by announcing that they would play in the colours of the next ship that sailed in to Buenos Aires. The first to do so was a Swedish ship, hence why Boca play in blue and yellow.

By the way, those of you who know the legenday football question... "What player has scored in a champions league final, saved a penalty against Man United in the FA cup and scored for Newcaslte?" Well guess what, he's also played for Nottingham Forest!


Jack hurt himself in the go karting and was given painkillers to help him recover (which are awesome!!!). We met a girl who is actually the American version of Kearney... none of us got a tap of her! Robb is really lonely back in Dublin. Conor dropped the bombshell this week that he was leaving our travelling party to go visit Louke (the new girlfriend) somewhere back in Brazil, its only about 1800 pesos though, to put that into perspective, a Kilo of ice cream in BA is only 24 pesos. Derek has begun to think about knocking the trip to Uruguay on the head and with Conor leaving too, we thought the group was getting smaller but we are attracting people to our group like kit kats to a fat kid.


Jack & Ian did an awesome bike tour of Buenos Aires while a little hungover and drunk. After Tilly cycled down a load of steps, nearly breaking his bike in the process, he found that his bike had a bell... needless to say, none of the bikes will ever be fitted with bells again. Tilly sucessfully held on to the yellow jersey for the whole tour although Jack did win the King of the Mountains after sprinting up a huge hill in the park. Jack learnt how to Samba with our lovely our guide Barbara and we meet the Maradona look-a-like... but to be honest there are loads of fat argentinian old men that could pass as Maradona here. This, as always, was flowed by huge steaks later that evening. The next night we went to the most famous club in Buenos Aires, Pacha which didn't finish until about 6am or so.

We have new members now with Anna our Danish/Italian/Swedish/Jordanian friend and we have picked up two more Scandinavians for our travels, Joey and Inge the Norwegian go-karting kings. Derek needed a bit of "Me" time so he didn't go to Uruguay either.


I've uploaded a horse load of photos on to my FaceBook account. Try this link to see them...
We'll try to update the blog again soon as we are way behind... all these steaks won't eat themselves!

"All Irish people have one pink toenail" - til explaining to a Brazilian the reason behind why we all have pink toenails (the real reason is www.mypinkvest.com)

"I say we go back and horse into the beers so we can be like these idiots" - til after seeing all the people dancing at the drumming concert

"We are definitely into triple figures of the amount of girls I would bust out if it here" - Derek commenting on the talent in Buenos Aires

"Remember rule 376, always introduce yourself in case somebody has forgotten the new persons name" - Jack
"but don't forget rule 43... you´re a jerk" - Tilly

"how many rules are there?" - Bobby
"...eh... 2" - The Lads

"The strippers left a snail trail on my suit" - Adam

"Your not getting your steak until you finish your ice-cream" - Derek giving out to Tilly

"ooohhhh, righty tighty, lefty loosey" - Tilly trying to work out the Argentinian taps in the shower

"I'm ready to pull him off" - Derek mixing up his words as he gets pissed off (or turned on by) by Ian

Awesome bicycle kick count (competitive action only):
Conor - 1
Derek - 0
Jack - 2
Ian - 4

Will Young System

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